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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Dana Andrew Watkins who was born in Nevada on May 26, 1984 and passed away on September 10, 2008 at the age of 24. Dana lived with his family here in Tustin California and loved life. Dana was full of adventure and loved being on his motorcycle, building the motor on his 1984 corvette and just loved doing for others. We will remember him forever.

In Danas name an account has been set up at the Tustin Community Bank on Newport Ave, Tustin Ca 92780 This helps with funeral services that families cannot afford otherwise. Dana loved helping others and his legacy will go on as we keep his memory by helping others when they cannot come up with all the money to bury their child. Thank you for your contribution. It is the Dana Watkins memorial fund. The tax deductible is available with donation. We appreciate your love and support. It Does help other families when they cannot do it alone. We also need to remember that we share the road with motorcycles and if we just look twice, we can save a life. Dana's life ended too soon and it is very sad that such a beautiful young man who loved life so much and loved helping so many people, had to be taken from us. God Bless You for your help in keepiing his memory going in helping other families.

Dana Watkins

Dana was so full of life and loved playing jokes on people. He was always the fun one at the dinner table on family Sunday dinners. Dana wouldn't always show it but, he loved his family and when it came to serious things, he was right there. Growing up he was a prankster. He joked with the teachers and he loved his auto class Mr. Beck. I could never get him home he spent so much time  working on some car or project. It is no wonder that he grew up fixing cars and taking them apart. He loved his corvette and tearing it apart and trying to put it back together. He put thousands into it and finally gave up and put it in the shop. It came back and then went to another shop. This time it went to Guarantee Cheverolet where they put in a new engine. His dream is still there and it will soon come back home to us. World of Warcraft was another love of Dana's, he made so many friends on that internet game. They call, they write, he even met a few along his trips on the road in his 18 wheeler traveling with Patron for his company Com Trans. He loved his job and loved what he was doing. He did so much and lived to help others and make them happy. Let's remember Dana always and make someone happy in our life and do something for someone. We love you Dana and you will never be forgotten.

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Tributes and Condolences
Miss you   / Marianne Merrick (Friend)
Dana, I miss you so much. I miss logging on to WOW and seeing you on. Or when i would skip school just to play Wow you would give me the talk about how i need school. Just wanted to say that because of you and my uncle I only have about 40 s...  Continue >>
to the love of family   / Diana Lombardi (auntie)
to such an amazing nephew wish i was closer you have changed my life forever live life to the fullest and always put family first dana you have so humbled my family we love you what a very hard thing for youre family you are very loved youre aunt dia...  Continue >>
I miss you so much brother...   / Jon Blatchley (Friend/Parts Guy )
Dana it's been almost two years now since I've seen you and I miss your smile your attitude and your energy. I miss you brother and I'm so sorry that you're not on this Earth any more. I'll never forget the first time I saw your old Honda and kicke...  Continue >>
I Miss You   / Alexandra Cortes (Friend)
Hey you! Its been almost two years since you've been gone and it is still hard for me to think of you not being around. I always loved listening to your tories about all the adventures you had many of them are still very fresh in my mind. Im ...  Continue >>
Miss you Dana   / Susan Anthony (friend)
Dear Watkins we are thinking of you today praying for angels to lighten your load of grief and remembering Dana.  He had a smile to light the world and was always the best of friends.  If Dana gave you his word he would help you he did.&nb...  Continue >>
One Day  / Paul Chastain (Co-worker)    Read >>
Just for today.....  / Gina Gilliam (Friend/ Co-worker )    Read >>
Miss you baby  / Kathy (Mom)    Read >>
always... / Dionne (SISTER)    Read >>
Hey Dana BuD!!  / Debbie (Sister)    Read >>
HEY BABY  / Rosy Lera (Aunt)    Read >>
Missing you....  / Gina Gilliam (Friend/Co-worker)    Read >>
memorial bike run  / His Mom Watkins (Mom)    Read >>
We miss you!  / Paul Chastain (Co-Worker)    Read >>
Dana - We miss you so much.  / Robert &. Ann Boult (Friends)    Read >>
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His legacy
A Legacy for Dana  
Dana Andrew Watkins died Sept. 10. He was 24.
Watkins was born in Las Vegas, Nev., on May 26, 1984, to Don and Kathy Watkins.
He is survived by his two sisters, Dionne and Debbie, and his three brothers, Donald, David and Dale.
As the fifth of the six children, he was the center of attention during the frequent Sunday night family dinners. As his older brothers and sister were role models to him, so was he to his younger sister. His deep love and respect for his parents was returned in kind.
Dana's character was greatly influenced by his family. His mother, Kathy, passed down her gifts of compassion and generosity. His father, Don, gave Dana his desire for independence.
His oldest brother, Donald, instilled in Dana his sense of adventure, and David was able to shield him from the dangers of peer pressure. Dale shaped and strengthened Dana's emotional side. Dionne acted as a confidante and as a provider of life advice.
Dana took great pride in being able to be someone that his younger sister, Debbie, could look up to.
Dana was an adventurer who loved life and had a strong independent streak. His sense of humor was appreciated by friends and family alike. He believed that actions spoke louder than words, and lived life by his own rules.
Dana's true love was biking. He enjoyed long rides with his friends, but also enjoyed the challenge of taking his bike apart and putting it back together. When not on the road, Dana could be found online, where he had another group of friends online in the world of World of Warcraft where he was known as The Mighty One.
A funeral service was held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on San Juan Avenue in Tustin.
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Dana loved life and always wanted you to know how tall he was
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